Bruce McArthur Photography


Thank you for your interest!  Cheers Bruce


1 blue jays way 1 rideau 100 laurier st 101 colonel by dr 11 colonel by drive 110 laurier ave 111 sussex dr. green island 125 sussex 2 rideau street 290 dalhousie 320 sussex 385 sussex 490 sussex 525 mackenzie avenue 54 elgin street 55 colonel by drive alexandra bridge amphibian animal ant arachnid architecture art art gallery autumn meadowhawk balcony ballgame barbed bark baseball bee beetle bird birds black white blink gallery blue cactus blue jays bluefronted dancer branch bronze bruce mcarthur bug building butterfly byward market cabbage white butterfly calf canada canada geese canada goose canadian canadian shield canadian tire centre candy cat catterpillar chameleon chateau laurier chelsea chipmunk church cicada cloud clouds connaught building construction country cow cows crane crane fly cricket damselfly dandy longlegs dd deer department department of national defence domestic dove downy dragonfly duck dutch coins dwarf earwig european skipper fall favorite fawn female fence field flower fly flying fog foreign affairs fourlined plant beetle frank frog frost fruit blast full moon fungus gargoyle gatineau gatineau hills gatineau park geese golf goose government of canada conference centre grass grasshopper grey treefrog headquarters herman hermit highway hockey hornet horticultural hotel house hummingbird hummingbird moth ice iceberg insect international trade japanese beetle john by kanata katrina knoopjes ladybug lamppost lampposts landscape landsdown park larrimac le droit leaf leaves lester b. pearson building library lichen locks long haired louise bourgeois mackenzie king mackenzie king estate majestic major's hill park male mallard maman maple leaf maple tree mapleleaf mapletree market building mellos michel de broin milkweed milkweed beetle moon moss moth mud dauber musee de civilization museum of civilization mushroom muten drop national art gallery of canada national gallery of canada nature neon sign nepean point nhl night notredame cathedral basilica one hundred foot line onion ontario orange orangebelted bumble bee ottawa ottawa city hall ottawa convention centre ottawa river ottawa senators outer space park parliament building parliament buildings pavement peace tower petite cosmic rock pigeon pine tree pond powdered dancer quebec red reflection restaurant rideau rideau canal rideau river rideau street river riverbank road robber fly rock roman catholic roof roxy paine royal canadian mint ruby ruby meadowhawk rubythroated sad sculpture silver ball licorice jaw breaker sky skydome skyline slug snow snow winter snowing soldier beetle spaceship spider squirrel stainless steel sunset the library of parliament throated tree trees ufo walking onion wasp water widow skimmer wildlife winter woods yellowlegged


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